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Sunday , January 25th, 2015
Welcome to!

Afterschooling parents and guardians send their children to public or private school during the day and supplement desired academic subjects or extracurricular activities to provide their children a full-spectrum education.  Some parents choose to do so to augment a gifted and talented student's education; others may have identified a tutoring need for a student who is behind or who has special needs.  Others may simply wish to add depth to their children's education.  For many reasons, Afterschoolers have decided to blend the best of homeschool and dayschool education. is here to provide you with the information you need to augment your children’s education, whether you choose public school, private school, or homeschool for your children's basic education. We help you find the information for successful classroom interaction, enriched learning experiences at home and carefully-selected extracurricular activities. We bring you articles from a variety of sources, independent reviews, and learning resources and invite you to relate your experiences and expertise in the Afterschoolers Forums.

We have a number of new  Articles of interest to the afterschooler posted.  Dale S. Brown, well-known author in the field of learning disabilities, suggests ways parents of children with learning disabilities can help their children Choose a Career and Get Ready to Join the Workforce, and Amy Zahler, Afterschoolers editor, describes Unschooling and concepts from that homeschooling style that can be applied to afterschooling.  You can also find links to a number of publications from the United States Department of Education suggesting ways to help your child excel in a variety of topics.  We've reformatted the Article pages to make them easier to use. 

Our new Worksheets include Lift the Flap projects for both Addition and Multiplication.  These resources provide an alternative to flashcards for the reinforcement of math facts, though our on-line flashcards have been quite popular already. 

In the Afterschoolers Forums we've been discussing the controversial Everyday Math curriculum, including afterschooling techniques we are using to ensure our children are getting a complete mathematics education.  On a lighter note, we have also been discussing our Favorite Books to Read to Pre-Kindergarteners and Favorite Beginning Chapter Books among other topics. 

We're glad you've found us!  If there are any additional topics you'd like to see covered, please don't be shy to post in the forums or contact the administrators if you would prefer.


Amy Z

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